ASL COmmunity

Live asl interpretation

Live ASL interpretation is provided for the worship, announcements, and sermon every Sunday during our 10:45am service. Seats are reserved in the front row, on the right side of the Worship Center (as you face the stage) until 10 minutes after the church service begins.

We have a growing team of Christian volunteer signers and interpreters. Our team includes worship volunteers who are in training and sermon volunteers who are at a certified level. Our goal is to develop a strong and varied team to provide consistency to our ASL community.

Closed captioned worship 

You can access a closed captioned version of the service beginning at 12pm on Sundays. Closed captioning is available in both English and Spanish. Make sure to click on the “CC” button at the bottom of the Vimeo screen to enable closed caption functionality.

Live in-service closed caption smartphone apps

Here are some options to provide live closed captioning during church services on your smartphone. These apps vary in availability on Android and Apple platforms and can be found by searching app stores. You can also check your smartphone for built-in apps such as Notes on I-Phone that can offer voice-to-text capability. CCC does not necessarily endorse any of these apps and offers them simply as an option to try to enhance the church service experience.
Live Transcribe 
Live Transcribe+
Ava: Transcribe

Sunday, July 21 | 12:30pm | Youth Rec Room

All signers welcome! Potluck lunch - bring a main dish to share. Bring friends for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Colorado Community Church
Youth Recreation Room

(enter through the north main entrance)
14000 E. Jewell Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012
Future ASL Community Lunch Club Dates:
October 6th, December 1st
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Mondays & Wednesdays, September 23-November 4
7:00pm | 1st Grade Room

In this class you will be introduced to classifiers, start to have more conversations and learn to tell a story using your skills. Before signing up for this class, you need to be comfortable with the ABCs, # 1 - 60, WH words (what, when, where, etc), colors, time signs, and structure basic sentences/questions (time, topic, comment). After each class, slides will be emailed out to participants for review and practice.

The class will be taught by Ruth Jackson. As a Deaf person, Ruth learned ASL firsthand. She has taught at the American School for the Deaf and has been teaching ASL at Fusion Academy for the past five years. Ruth also serves as the Department Head for Electives and World Languages at Fusion Academy. She is excited to share the joy she has for ASL and Deaf culture with you!

Request an interpreter for ccc programs and events

Interested in attending a CCC program or event and need to request an interpreter? Please contact Beth Lang and we will do our best to accommodate your request with the volunteers that serve at Colorado Community Church. Thanks for understanding that it is not always possible to satisfy each request.

volunteer opportunities

Silent Servants Interpretation Team

Are you experienced and qualified to provide ASL interpretation at our weekly church service or in the future at Bible studies, special events, etc.?