Mental Health Ministry

Just like with our physical health, we ALL have mental health that needs to be nourished and cared for. Some of us have mental illnesses, but those are illnesses, just like heart conditions or diabetes. As with these other diseases, they are a result of a fallen world and often need lifelong management. In either case, the church is made for community and should be a safe place to struggle. At Colorado Community Church, our mission is walk with you in your journey – through the challenges and victories – and help you embrace your innate value and identity in Christ.

If you are in need of more immediate support and/or are experiencing a mental health emergency, please see the resources below:

Suicide & Depression

Youth Support

Walk-in crisis clinics

Anschutz Medical Campus
Open 8am-11pm
2206 Victor Street
Aurora, CO 80045

Mental Health Center of Denver (Wellpower)
Open 24/7
4353 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220


Anchor Support Group

2nd & 4th Thursdays | 6:45pm-8:15pm | Multi-Sensory Room

Anchor is a bi-monthly peer group experience where you can find safe community as well as ongoing encouragement in your faith and mental wellness. Find a space to safely share your story and gain valuable skills for managing your mental health. Also open to caregivers and families seeking to support their loved one in a healthy way.
Online pre-registration is preferred but not required.

Overcome: Finding God in Mental Health Challenges

A collective peer group experience of growth and healing designed to help those living with mental health issues find community, share their story, gain valuable skills for managing your mental health, and recognize and access their identity in Christ. Also provides insights to help caregivers and families support their loved one in a healthy way.
This group is for adults ages 19+. Online pre-registration is required. Class limited to 15 participants. $20 fee for materials, scholarships available.
Classes are cumulative and the group dynamic of trust and safety is vital so please plan on attending each week.

Overcome will be offered again in Spring 2024.

Fearless: Mental Wellness For teens

Fearless is a strengths-based collective group experience designed to help young people pursue mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness. This 8-week group provides high schoolers with a safe space to explore the concept of wellness in the context of their faith. Fearless affirms our innate value in Christ and equips teens with practical skills to overcome challenges and thrive in the midst of a changing world. Online pre-registration is required. Classes are cumulative and the group dynamic of trust and safety is vital so please plan on attending each week if possible. 

Fearless will be offered again in Spring 2024.

Confronting & Overcoming anxiety workshop

Saturdays, Sep 30 & Oct 7 | 8:30am | Kids Auditorium 

This workshop is for anyone age 19+ struggling with or experiencing anxiety in their everyday lives (not just those with a formal diagnosis) as well as caregivers and family members. Anxiety can include feeling panicked, fearful, worried, restless, or simply uneasy and many people today struggle with it daily. In this workshop we will explore the twelve areas of anxiety and their corresponding paths to peace, discover how Biblical accounts of dealing with anxiety correspond with psychological principles, and learn the five most common fears and how to overcome them. By the end of this 2-session workshop, you will have discovered more than 75 practical tools to reduce anxiety in your daily life.

The $20 cost of the workshop covers both cumulative sessions and the format will be split between large group teaching and table discussion. Attendance is required for both days.

Soul shop

Soul Shop Suicide Awareness Training for Communities
Saturday, Oct 28 | 9:00am | Kids Auditorium

Soul Shop is an interactive, evidence-based suicide prevention training program designed specifically for congregations, ministry volunteers and community members. Grounded in scripture, the training enables churches to:    
  • become comfortable with being suicide-safe in their interactions, language, sermons and programs
  • learn to look for warning signs
  • explore cultural and demographic factors
  • utilize language to talk about suicide
  • understand what to do when someone is suicidal
  • identify who to approach that might be at risk

The end goal is that churches would become "suicide-safe", as the church should ultimately be the safest place for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. We offer two different trainings - one for leaders and church volunteers and one for individuals who wish to participate in the training. 

Due to availability issues, Soul Shop Suicide Awareness Training for Leaders (scheduled for Nov. 8th) has been cancelled. 


Caregivers, family members, and friends of those struggling with mental disorders have unique needs as they work to support their loved one. The OVERCOME class and ANCHOR Support Group are designed to also serve “supporters” in order to help them better understand their loved one’s struggle and establish healthy boundaries for themselves. 

for vets, active military, police officers, first responders, frontline medical workers, and their spouses:

Additional Resources

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

A Christian-based organization that offers resources for those seeking faith-based support on their mental health journey. They are currently offering online guided meditations that we think will be a blessing to you!

Pastor of the Day

Colorado Community Church offers counseling from our pastors if the struggle is one that is spiritual in nature and involves offering support for mental wellness as it intersects with a person’s walk of faith.
Just call 303-783-3838 and ask for the Pastor of the Day.

H.O.P.E. Group at Celebrate Recovery

No one should walk through mental health challenges alone; we all need a support system. Join us weekly on Friday nights for the H.O.P.E. Celebrate Recovery group. This group provides practical tools to help you build a supportive network of hope, and is especially good for those struggling with multiple issues (i.e., mental health & addictive behaviors).

Fierce Love

CCC is working with one of our strategic partners, Anchor International, to offer a 9-week virtual class developed in collaboration with MOPS International and designed for any mom who has experienced emotions, thoughts, or moods that feel TOO BIG for your heart to handle! This could be anything from baby blues to postpartum depression, anxiety, and everything else in between. Join other moms of young kids as you work through a specially-designed curriculum utilizing a unique mix of practical tools and soul care. This class will allow you a safe space to share the joys and challenges of experiencing the fierce love only a mother can.


Colorado Community Church also partners with many Christian mental health professionals who offer counseling in different areas of expertise. These counselors have been screened and vetted by CCC, and offer therapy from a Biblical worldview.

Celebrate Recovery