Marriage Ministry

We provide ministries to nurture, uphold, and strengthen Christ-centered marriages. No matter where you are along the journey - engaged, newly married, divorced, re-married, empty-nesting, and more - we want to ensure the promise of the gospel comes true for each of you. That through Jesus, all families on earth will be blessed. 


Check back here for upcoming classes and events like our Symbis+ Premarital Class and annual Marriage Conference. 

Interested in Serving?

We are looking for people to lead classes, mentor couples, and facilitate groups. Fill out our form to receive more information!

Getting married at cCC

Congratulations!  What a wonderful time in your life. You're about to make one of the greatest commitments of your life, the promise of "for as long as you both shall live."

Where should we begin?

A minimum of 3 months prior to your wedding date, contact the pastor of your choice to check for their availability and register for your premarital classes.

Creating a solid foundation for your marriage

One of the proven ways of creating a successful marriage is to invest in a premarital class experience. Our church is committed to helping you by utilizing a fantastic marriage preparation resource entitled (SYMBIS: Saving Your Marriage Before It  Starts). The class experience will give you invaluable insights and tools to create a lasting and healthy marriage relationship. 

Working toward the wedding

In addition to attending the SYMBIS classes, the two of you will meet with your wedding pastor so they get to know you better, listen to your story, and talk about your ceremony plans.

Available Pastors

There are several pastors at Colorado Community Church who are available to perform weddings. To check their availability or to set an appointment with one of these pastors, please call the church. Their assistant will be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment!

For additional financial obligations including facilities and staffing needs please contact our ministry team.


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