Our Safety Team provides a shepherding presence at weekly events and weekend services. To serve you must have a personal story of relationship with Jesus, have a skillset in line with our ministry (such as a first responder, security work, medical training, or a behavioral health background). All training is provided. 

Serving Commitment: 2 times per month with periodic trainings

serve at ccc

Our "Basecamp"

Almost every department, ministry, and team at CCC has a need for volunteers. Some of these opportunities are ongoing, regular commitments, while others are once a year or just "every once in a while." If you're looking for ways to contribute, we've got a place for you.

serve our community

Our "Own Backyard"

We love the people and community directly surrounding CCC. In fact, we consider the 1-mile radius around the church "our own backyard." Find out how to get involved and join us as we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves!


Is God calling you to a specific place or people group? Do you have a heart for the lost and want to partner with one of our mission teams or missionaries? Find out how you can PRAY for, PROVIDE for, and PARTICIPATE with all our ministry efforts around the world!