Spiritual Formation

Practicing the way: Prayer

Mondays, July 10-31 | 6:30pm | Chapel

In order to grow in our walk with Jesus, we need to practice following Jesus. That is what the Practicing the Way series is all about. It is a series of classes that allows us to learn about and ultimately practice spiritual disciplines. In this class, we tackle prayer. Yes, prayer is a critical part of the Christian life - but how do we pray? How do we know if prayer is really "working"? Is there a right and wrong way to pray? Why don't we always feel God when we pray? And what about unanswered prayers? Join Pastor Jesse as we learn about and practice prayer together.

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Alpha is a series of group conversations about faith, life and meaning. Alpha explores questions like: Why am I here? Is God really there? Is there more to this life? Each session includes a free meal, time to connect with others, a short talk on an element of the Christian faith, and a chance for each person to share their questions and perspective. Come and try Alpha, no matter your background or belief!

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