Come Join us this weekend!

At Colorado Community Church, we work hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for you, your family, and your friends, in order to connect you to Christ, Community, and Calling.


9am & 10:45am

We do not have a dress code; simply come as you are!

Worship services are typically one hour long.

The CCC Café serves low-cost specialty drinks and snacks along with free drip coffee. The café opens 45 minutes before the start of each service and is open until the start of worship.

Our lobby area is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm, should you need a place to work remotely or study with free Wi-Fi!

For Kids

Kids Ministry classes are available during all of our weekend services. Your kids will hear Bible lessons presented in interactive and fun ways, while being cared for by dedicated adult teachers who love Jesus, love working with kids, and have been thoroughly trained and vetted.

For Nursing moms

We have a dedicated room just for you, featuring glider chairs, a changing table, and a TV streaming the live feed in from the worship center! You can find the Nursing Moms room on your left as you walk down the hallway from the lobby to the 3CYouth/Gym area.

For Parents & Caregivers

Want to be in the worship center but have a noisy little one with you? We have a small room attached to our worship center featuring large, soundproof windows and a live audio mix with adjustable volume. You can find the "Cry Room" on your right as you walk from the lobby toward the South entrance doors.


Main Lots

To the North is our largest main lot, as well as the Overflow (Xcel) lot across E. Jewell Ave. Parking crews are present during weekend services on E. Jewell Ave. to stop traffic and help you safely cross from the Xcel lot.

To the West is another main lot, and to the East is a smaller lot that sits between our building and S. Blackhawk Street.

There is also parking available in the South Alley, just a few steps away from the South entrance doors.

Additional Parking

We also have use of select parking areas to the West and South of the Real de Minas and Sakura restaurants, both of which are to the South of our building. There is an access road that leads to both our West and South entrance doors from these parking lots.

Street Parking

Parking is also available along E. Jewell Ave. and S. Blackhawk St. in the areas designated on the parking map.
Vehicle Safety At CCC
Our CCC Safety Team regularly walks and monitors our parking lots. Despite their vigilant presence, there have been incidents of break-ins and even vehicle thefts. This is a friendly reminder to be sure to lock your car doors and hide any valuables in your vehicle from sight while you are here to help deter any would-be thieves. Thank you!

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