Partnering with Mercy Music International and Fundacion Yo Te Amo, we share the good news of Christ with the poorest of the poor in coastal Ecuador through music missions and outreach.

While in Ecuador, we perform concerts, host workshops and lessons, and give away instruments and equipment. This unique ministry introduces new people to Christ through the power of music and equips local artists to continue the work long-term. We engage in a variety of fundraising methods throughout the year to support this ministry, and especially important is the support of fellow CCC members!

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Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for ecuador

  • Pray for the people of Floron and Portoviejo, Ecuador, that God would shine His love on them through the local body of Christ. Pray that our team would build up and support these efforts to love the least of these.
  • Pray for the medical clinic and water treatment plant in Floron where we will be staying. Pray that these vital lifelines for the community would continue to grow and flourish.
  • Pray that God would provide the resources needed to ship instruments and gear to the churches in Floron.
  • Pray for ongoing relationships and teaching through online communication.
  • Pray for the kids who we are supporting with contributions toward their music classes.

Provide for the Mission

  • We need financial support! Trips of this nature and shipping costs for gear are expensive!
  • We need professional guitars (electric and acoustic) and keyboards especially, but we will accept donated instruments of all types.

Participate in a Trip to Ecuador

  • Contact Chris if you would like to host a fundraising house concert or simply give online.
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