MISSION: Ethiopia

Partnering with Covenant Development Association (CDA) and Hand of God Ministries (HGM), we support Ethiopian children, single mothers, the elderly, and communities at large. Supporting these ministries is more urgent than ever as Ethiopia has closed their doors to outside adoptions.

We engage in year-round fundraising to support these ministries. We also plan “vision trips” which allow us to maintain these global relationships and introduce potential donors to experience first hand the amazing work these ministries carry out on a regular basis.  While in country we also handle needed projects and provide medical physicals for staff and children. Our long-term goal is helping the people of Ethiopia become self-sustaining through investing in today’s children —  the nation’s future.

Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for Ethiopia

  • Rising inflation has created a heavier burden on CDA’s obligations to feed the kindergarten children in Holeta.
  • CDA needs more workers for the children’s home in Holeta.
  • CDA needs monthly supporters for the construction of a new home in Addis where it will be easier to house children and recruit workers.
  • Planning of future Vision Trips which allow us to maintain global relationships.
  • The people of Ethiopia and their desire to be self-sustaining.

Provide for the Mission

  • Financial support helps maintain the amazing work these ministries carry out on a regular basis.
  • Provisions are especially needed for the construction of the Addis home CDA plans to build.

Participate in a Trip to Ethiopia

  • Contact us on how you can prepare and participate in the next trip to Ethiopia.
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