Frontline support ministry

The Frontline Support Ministry provides the opportunity for vets, active military, police officers, first responders, frontline medical workers, and their spouses to share their strength and find hope with others who know what they have been through.

Monday, Feb 27 | 6:30pm | Youth Rec Room & gym

Join other vets and military to connect, play pick-up games in the Gym and Rec Room and find community with others who can relate to your life experiences. A great, low-key way to find others who know what you’ve been through within the larger community at CCC!

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Healthcare worker peer support Group - Coming Soon!

If you are a healthcare worker seeking support and encouragement from others in your field, join our Healthcare Worker Peer Support Group that is launching in Spring 2023. Here you will find a safe space to connect, share stories, and experience genuine community with people who can relate to what you have been through. Dates and times to be announced soon. Join our email list and receive program details as they become available.


We are in need of facilitators for this group. Please contact Beth using the button below if you are interested.

Are you a spouse of a military member, vet, first responder, or medical front line worker seeking to connect with others who have shared your experiences? The Hero Support Group is a place to explore God’s truth and experience community with others who know what you and your spouse go through. The group is open to both men and women and led by vet and police officers spouses.

Volunteer in the frontline ministry

Leadership Team

Are you a vet, military, active or retired law enforcement, first responder, frontline medical worker, or spouse looking to help develop and lead a ministry for others in your profession? Consider joining CCC’s Frontline Support Ministry!
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