Mission: Ghana (AKA - the Nima Project) is developing a long-lasting partnership with CARE Preschool. Our mission is to raise funds to help the school raise greatly needed funds to support their operating budget, including teacher salaries

For over 30 years and even with significant contrasts in faith, Muslim families have entrusted this school with the care and education of their small children (ages 2-7). It is where the practice of “Teaching Christ at all times, and, when necessary, use words” is graciously demonstrated.

CARE’s mission is to influence their students towards Christ as they serve and love in His name. The Staff and teachers lovingly and patiently toil over the fertile hearts of their students by planting seeds of the Gospel. Even after the children advance to primary school, the staff continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to water, tend, and protect those vulnerable seeds of Truth.

Most families in Nima can not afford to pay all of the school’s fees, which are necessary to keep the school in operation. CARE strives to not turn any students away. At this time, Mission: Ghana (the Nima Project) is only able to consistently provide 17% of their already humble budget.
Our goal is to reach and sustain 100% of their shortfall so this school can move beyond surviving to truly thrive in Christ.
For more information about Mission: Ghana, contact Kiara.

Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for Ghana

  • Thank God with us for protecting all the students, staff, and their families during the pandemic. Not one person contracted the Covid virus.
  • Pray that the seeds of the Gospel find student’s tender hearts and grow many times over.
  • Pray that God will provide a new School Director. Mr. Alfred and his wife Charlotte have been serving since the school was established (over 30 years ago) and they desire to turn the reigns over to a new passionate and qualified Director.
  • That God will provide for 100% of CARE’s needs. If He sees fit to do so through us, that He guide and direct us to that end.
  • The health and security of the students and staff.

Provide for the Mission

  • Give a one-time donation.
  • Sign up to be a monthly supporter.
  • Support the current team preparing for the 2023 mission trip.
  • Contribute to a future supply drive: school supplies, books, toys, etc. (look for a link to our Amazon Wish List - coming soon).

Participate in a Trip to ghana

  • Join the Nima Project team and help with various fundraising efforts. We also need specific tech and admin skill sets, advisors, and partners.
  • Stop by one of our Nima Pop-Up Shops throughout the year and purchase available items brought back from Ghana (clothing, bags, jewelry, home decorations, and more).
  • Attend a future Banquet and/or Silent Auction.
  • Join us on a future mission trip to Ghana in 2025 to serve CARE and its neighbors in various ways.
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