Surrounding vulnerable children in Uganda and Kenya with opportunities to reach their potential through education, mentoring and healthcare.

How101 responsibly and relationally connects people through personal sponsorships for vulnerable kids at risk in Uganda and Kenya.

In Uganda, the focus is on supervised education, mentoring, and healthcare, as well as community support and training for guardians. We value and encourage relationships and witness transformation between sponsors and kids. Once a year, sponsors are invited to join in to help run the Omu’Omu (Starfish) Camp, a 4-5 day camp for all the children in the program (ages 5 and up). Over 200 kids are provided with educational teaching, discipleship, and mentoring, as well as games, art, music and sports.

In Kenya, we partner with Taraja Family Home (a transitional orphanage for abandoned boys age 8-18). We provide sustenance, personal sponsorships, and help with self-sustaining endeavors. We believe in empowering indigenous leadership. Together, we invest in and influence these young lives through restoration, education, and reintegration.

Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for how101

  • For safety and well-being of all the children and young adults in the Starfish Program and Taraja Family Home.
  • For our  partners in Uganda and Kenya that operate the programs.

Provide for the Mission

  • Donate towards operational costs.
  • Donate funds towards the annual Starfish Camp.
  • Donate towards special projects such as: healthcare, transportation and advanced education.

Participate in a Trip to Kenya or uganda

  • Join us on an annual trip to help run the Starfish Camp in Uganda.
  • Join us on a trip for building and repairs or enrichment for the boys in Kenya.
  • Help with fundraising events for the program.
  • Assistance with tech support.
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