MISSION: 3Cyouth

Our mission is to form a partnership with Palacaguina Christian Academy in Nicaragua that allows us to support two students through our weekly offerings in 3CYouth WKND and to participate in an annual mission trip to Nicaragua to conduct a VBS style event and donate labor and materials to PCA’s ever-growing campus.

Mission Nicaragua is the annual mission trip open to 3CYouth High School students. We have partnered with the Palacaguina Christian Academy in Nicaragua by raising support to fund two children at the school – one boy and one girl – through weekly offerings given by 3CYouth students. Additionally, we do an annual mission trip each summer to complete work projects, participate in Gospel presentation events, and immerse ourselves in the culture of our mission partners.

Next Trip: June 8-17, 2024

Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for Nicaragua

  • Please pray for the Mission Nicaragua team as we prepare for our next trip in June 2024. Specifically, pray for the hearts of the children and adults who will witness our Gospel presentations and benefit from our work projects at PCA.

Provide for the Mission

  • You may support this mission trip by donating to our mission fund, which funds monthly support for two students at PCA and pays for travel, lodging, and materials for each member of the mission team.

Participate in a Trip to Nicaragua

  • You may participate by staying up to date with mission trip news, planning, and the actual event @3CYouth on Instagram. 
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