Rescue. Rehabilitate. Educate. Reintegrate
Together with How101 in Kenya, we rescue vulnerable children, rehabilitate their spirits, provide quality education, and ensure reintegration into their communities. Your support creates a ripple of change, fostering brighter futures for these young lives. Together, we empower, uplift, and transform.

Taraja Family Home
Taraja is a transitional orphanage for boys. These boys have been abandoned or taken off the streets and enrolled in local schooling with the goal of rehabilitating, educating, and reintegrating. Each boy has a personal sponsor for education. There are currently 35 boys being sponsored in Kenya.
Holiday Camps
During holidays, boys are taken to their home community for a portion of the time, as this is where they will eventually return! Also during holidays, Taraja hosts a week long camp for enrichment.

Building Project
Land has been purchased and a temporary building is in place for the boys to live while they attend the nearby school. Funds are still being raised for the permanent home to be built.

Pray  |  Provide  |  Participate

Pray for Mission: Kenya

  • Join our prayer team as we look to surround our kids, staff, volunteers, projects, and trips with God's protection and favor through prayer.
  • Pray for protection for the boys living at the Taraja Family Home and the leaders who live, work and manage the program.
  • For wisdom and good leadership as we undertake the building of a permanent residence and vocational center for the boys.
  • For God to bring the right people to join in the mission work we are doing through prayer, sponsorship, or our Cornerstone Community.

Provide for the Mission

  • If you feel strongly that you and your family would like to sponsor a child, let us know and we can talk to you more about partnering with us. 
  • Consider joining our Cornerstone Community to support the day-to-day operations of this daily bread mission. Each year all the kids get to experience a 4–5-day Camp for discipleship, life skills, and enrichment. One-time gifts are needed ($100 sends one child to camp).

Participate in a Trip to Kenya

  • We are always looking for men and women who feel called to join a mission trip to support the work that God is already doing. 
  • We are also looking for volunteers with a construction background who would like to join us on a builders' mission trip.
  • Next Trip: April 30-May 14, 2024
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