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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is an ancient Christian Practice that is recently experiencing a revival in the American Protestant Church. It is a practice by which one person (the director) helps another person (the directee) discern the presence, activity, and voice of God in their life for the purpose of growing in relationship with God.

Spiritual directors are professionals who are trained in their practice. They are distinct from pastors, counselors, and therapists. Spiritual directors employ a variety of techniques such as asking thoughtful questions, silence, listening prayer, imaginative prayer, and meditation on scripture, to name a few.

Fees may vary based upon the director and are typically billed on an hourly basis.

We have carefully vetted outstanding spiritual directors that are a part of our own congregation here at CCC. Interested in learning more about or finding one of these spiritual directors? Click the interest form below!

Frequently asked questions

How is spiritual direction different from discipleship, mentorship, or coaching?

In discipleship, just as in mentorship and coaching, the person to whom the disciple comes takes an active, directive role. This often involves study, exercises to be completed, and lessons to learn in a successive pattern that is designed to track growth.

While spiritual direction does involve some teaching, that is not the main thrust of the direction sessions. Your director may sometimes give you exercises to try or may teach in regards to methods of prayer or other topics, but the predominant role of a director is as a listener and guide. Much as you wouldn’t expect your guide up Mount Everest to stand at the bottom and instruct you in the methods needed to reach the summit, a director takes the path with you, listening, watching, and only occasionally intervening when he or she sees that you may be veering close to a cliff edge.

Don’t CCC pastors already offer spiritual direction?

While some of our pastors employ techniques from spiritual direction, and are steeped in the theology inherent to spiritual direction, our pastors are not trained spiritual directors in the same way that we have outlined here. That does not make one better or worse than they other - only different. Meeting with a pastor at CCC may be a great entry point if you are interested in spiritual direction, and if they sense that you want the specialized training that a spiritual director can offer, they may refer you to one. We affirm the necessity and benefit of meeting with a pastor. 

spiritual direction organizations

Interested in checking out other organizations that offer spiritual direction? Learn more about these trusted spiritual direction organizations below.

The Lanteri Center

The Lanteri Center is located in Denver, CO, and exists to make spiritual direction, daily prayer with scripture, and the exercises of St. Ignatius more available to those who seek holiness. The Lanteri Center also provides training and continuing education opportunities for spiritual directors.

Evangelical spiritual direction association

ESDA is an international Spiritual Direction Association. Here, you may search for a director located in your immediate area, or consider a spiritual director who offers their ministry virtually or via phone.