Spiritual Milestones

At Colorado Community Church, we believe that parents and family are the primary spiritual leaders of their children. It is our desire to walk alongside families on their journey and be a support through resources, programming, and pastoral care.
Parents, as your child’s primary spiritual leader, we at CCC are here to support you in that role! Take a moment to think about all we do to prepare to bring a child into our family – childbirth classes, parenting seminars, adoption paperwork/home visits, and more. Now consider what we do (or don’t) to prepare ourselves to raise our children to know Jesus!
Parents attend an informational meeting about two months before the Child Dedication Ceremony to receive materials and instructions. The next meetings will be held in the summer ahead of our October Child Dedication Ceremony.
Parents, as your child’s primary spiritual leader, we are here to support you in that role! We will provide materials for you to go through a process with your child that will help discern if they are ready to take the step of being baptized.

We start with a parent information class for families exploring the idea of their elementary school age child being baptized (class is for parents only). Parents will receive all the information necessary to go through a baptism curriculum at home with their kids. If, after going through the curriculum the child is ready for baptism, parents and kids will attend the Testimony Class together. Registration is required in order to have materials prepared for families.

Parent-Only Info Class

In this class, parents will receive more information about child baptism and the curriculum to do with their child at home. These materials will help you discern if your child is ready for baptism.

Parent/Child Testimony Class

Parents and their children will attend this Testimony Class together after completing the at-home curriculum and deciding that the child is ready for baptism. Registration for the Parent Information Class includes registration for this class.
This class is geared toward elementary-age kids where the significance of communion is discussed in a family-friendly environment. Come learn about the Biblical timeline that leads to how we celebrate communion. Parents and kids attend together. Registration is required.

Information on our next Communion Class is coming soon.