MISSION: Team ccc

This year, CCC is going to France and Sierra Leone in conjunction with our 5+5 Missionaries to explore new 5+5 Mission Team opportunities!


In 2021, Andrew and Anna Gray relocated to France to collaborate with Bridge Europe, an organization dedicated to bridging connections between Muslim refugees and immigrants and local French churches, with the ultimate goal of introducing them to the love of Christ. Serving as intermediaries, Anna and Andrew work closely with both the local church and the refugee/immigrant community to foster understanding, compassion, and community integration.

With the local churches, Anna and Andrew focus on establishing connections and providing resources to help them recognize and embrace their neighbors from diverse backgrounds. They facilitate workshops, training sessions, and events aimed at equipping refugees and immigrants in their midst to learn French and obtain skills that will help them become gainfully employed and self-sufficient.
Their work with the refugee and immigrant community involves various initiatives, including French language classes, volunteering at a local café serving as a gathering place for the community, and engaging with international students. The café also serves as a platform for cultural exchange and relationship-building, where individuals can share skills, language, music, and meals.

Anna and Andrew actively recruit volunteers who can contribute their French language skills, musical talents, culinary expertise, or any other valuable skills to enrich the experiences of the community members. Their presence in France is not only about providing practical assistance but also about fostering genuine connections and mutual understanding between different cultural groups.

In July, Anna and Andrew will be here and plan to further share their experiences and vision for the future, inviting you to join them in their efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive community where all individuals feel valued and supported.

Sierra Leone

Don and Joyce Osman, our 5+5 Missionaries, have been working in Freetown,  Sierra Leone. As of last year, they have initiated two projects: a new church and a Montessori School.
The establishment of a Montessori school aims at providing quality education to children in the community. However, to ensure the success of this endeavor, the project requires dedicated teachers and tutors proficient in various subjects such as reading, math, and computer science. These educators will play a crucial role in facilitating the learning process and nurturing the intellectual growth of the students.
Additionally, as part of the community engagement efforts, a church has been planted in the area. To foster a sense of belonging and strengthen community ties, volunteers are needed to reach out to residents, visit their homes, and establish connections with them. These volunteers will serve as liaisons between the community members and the church, helping to bridge gaps and create a supportive network for individuals and families.
The Osman’s will be here in April and will be able to share the vision as we explore shaping a new 5+5 Mission Team in Sierra Leone!