Joaquin & Oneida Vargas

Global One80

Joaquin and Oneida are originally from the Dominican Republic. They have been part of Colorado Community Church for over 10 years and live in Mesa, Arizona. They served with Missions Door for 31 years, where he worked as a Vice President. In November 2016, Joaquin resigned to establish Global One80, where he serves as the President. Global One80 is a leadership and community development initiative modeled around the life of Jesus. Their mission is “to empower leaders who are committed to implement initiatives that will transform communities, One life at a time.”

Global One80 engages in the lives of emerging and exponential leaders through a simple three step process. First, identify leaders to ignite a process of inner transformation; then invest in the lives of leaders to increase potential through coaching, mentoring, training and financing their professional and educational goals. Finally, leaders implement initiatives to impact communities that are faith-based and/or social development projects.