Current series:
The Book Of Judges

Join us as we dive into the book of Judges - where everyone did what was right in their own eyes.


For young adults ages 18-35

What to Wear

At Young Adults you can come as you are. Heading here from work? Business professional is welcomed. Feel like staying in your sweats? No judgement here. We like to keep things casual, so come, be yourself, and you’ll fit right in!

What to Bring

Bring your Bible if you have one, and if you don't, we’ve got you covered: you can grab one on your way to the auditorium. Coming straight from work and need to bring your dinner with you? Not a problem. No matter what, come prepared to meet new people and connect with God in new ways!


Unfortunately we do not have childcare on Thursday Nights.


We recommend parking in the alley on the South side of the CCC building, right around the Youth & Young Adults Entrance. There are some regular parking spots, and you can also park alongside the curb anywhere in the alley. If that's all full, there's street parking out on S. Blackhawk St. We also have more than enough space out in the main West and North lots.


If you park in the alley, you can walk straight in the doors and someone will be there to welcome you and show you around if you want. If you come in through the North doors, someone will greet you in the lobby and can walk you back to where we meet. Once you’re here, you can mingle, play basketball, sip some coffee, etc. Doors open at 7pm, and we usually get started around 7:15pm. So feel free to come early, bring your dinner, meet some people, and make yourself at home!


You can expect a short message around topics that Young Adults care about. Messages are about 25 minutes long and become the setup for the most important part of our night: Small Groups.

Small Groups

We don’t expect you to remember everything we teach, but you will definitely remember the friends you make and the way you apply God’s truth to your life! This is why we do Small Groups, and why we split them into ages 18-22, 23-26, and 27+ to ensure that you're able to connect with people in similar seasons of life. We provide some discussion topics, but the point isn’t to get through all the questions; we want you to have meaningful conversations and experience genuine community!


We end every night with prayer, so at the end of small groups there is an opportunity to share prayer requests and to pray with one another.

Hang Out

After you finish with small groups we encourage you to stay and hang out! People chat, play games, and you can always count on a game of basketball going on in the gym. Our gathering officially ends at 9:30pm but many people continue hanging out in our parking lot or grab food afterwards.

Current series: I'm In

Scripture is clear: God has placed a calling on your life. Yet - how often does that truth ring hollow? How often are we left with the same old questions... Who am I? What should do? Why am I here? Join us as we sit with those questions and seek to capture a renewed sense of purpose for our lives. God is calling you into a life full of meaning, significance, and value. The question is... are you in?